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Looking for a Mobile Car Wash in NJ?

Here at A2D, we do a little more than just scratch the surface on the importance of cleanliness. Not only is our car a representation of who we are, a clean environment often serves a de-stressor. It is recommended that a car be washed every 3 – 4 weeks. There are things to consider, of course, for example, is the car a daily driver? Is it the family car? Is it dad’s sports car?

Being that we’re entering a stage of self service and autonomous businesses, quality, in the car wash industry unfortunately has and will continue to suffer. This is the reason why we encourage the use of our mobile services, we hand wash and provide a personalized touch to each individual vehicle.

The Benefits of a Mobile Car Wash

Mobile car washes are beneficial for the following reasons: 

    • Convenient
    • Avoid long lines
    • Personalized care 
    • Comfort of coming to you
    • Build trust

Our Mobile Car Wash Process

 When dealing with a vehicle, we first ask the customer what exactly they are looking for, because we offer different services, such as, Full details, Mini details, and maintenance washes. After establishing what is needed, when beginning a job. We start off with the exterior because we find that the inside is usually where the hard work lies. We’re always looking for the words, “WOW, IT LOOKS LIKE WHEN I PICKED IT UP FROM THE DEALER.” We strive to exceed customer expectations. We’re founded on trust and expertise. 

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Our car washes range anywhere from 60-120 min depending on the condition of your vehicle. When performing a car wash, we make sure to use quality products from reputable companies, such as 3M, Mcguiar’s & Fictech to name a few. At Attention to Detail a car wash is our most basic package and known as a “Maintenance Wash”.


When starting the service we begin  with the exterior of the vehicle, specifically the rims, tires & wheel-wells. We then pre-rinse the car and proceed to hand wash the body of the vehicle. We wash per panel, from top to bottom, in a side to side motion to prevent swirls, all while rinsing the wash mitt before moving onto a new panel. Tar from the asphalt along with the countless bugs smeared throughout the nose will be long gone. Before drying the client’s vehicle, we apply Sonax “Spray & Seal”  for some extra shine and protection. Finally, we dry the door jams and apply tire dressing before moving into the interior.


Once we start the interior, we start off by cleaning and dis-infecting all surfaces. We are a meticulous bunch who like to get into all nooks and crannies. Nothing goes untouched. After all surfaces get cleaned, we move on to blowing and vacuuming, where you can say bye to that long lost french fry between your seat cushions! Yes, trunks also receive attention to detail. Once we get past this objective we then finish up the job with the most important part, your windows. Spotless.

Again, our Maintenance Wash is our most basic package. Any jobs that require extra Attention to Detail will be advised.


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