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Why You Need Your Car Detailed.

Hi, my name is Jose, and I am the founder of Attention to Detail Car Care. My story stretches out over a 13 year span. I started out in the auto body industry at my fathers body shop. When i first started, my duties were to prep cars for when customers came to pick up. In a short period of time, i realized people enjoyed coming to a clean car and as I approached adulthood I found a scarcity in this field, especially in the mobile niche. We are here today to provide you with passionate, driven detailed work. It’s not just about cleaning cars, anyone can wash and clean their car. I take it to the next level and truly provide care your vehicle deserves. I consider this art, and specialized craft!

What Makes Us Stand Out From Other New Jersey Mobile Detailers


Our service is not your regular car wash service. We take the time to service all vehicles with quality products, attention to detail, while providing the highest service possible. We aim to provide the best results achievable for all detailing jobs.

Personal Touch

No vehicle is treated the same as we add a personal touch & care to whatever is needed

Professional Staff

We pride ourselves in providing an essential service to our community. We work with passion and care.


We know our customers work hard to enjoy their free time. Car wash services can take valuable time out of your day, ruin your car, and cost you more in the long run. We're conveniently here at your service. Book an appointment through our website, email us, or feel free to give us a call!

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